Children's Ministry Director

Springhill Presbyterian Church
Job Description


Springhill Presbyterian Church
Position Description

Position TitleChildren’s Ministry Director
Reports to: Pastor of Family Ministries/Lead Pastor

Classification: Full-Time (40 hours per week); Competitive salary commensurate with experience.

Purpose: The primary purpose of this position is to live out the Gospel by loving parents and children in Jesus’ name. This position will establish and oversee strategies and direction for all Children’s Ministriesnursery through the fifth grade. As a spiritual and Biblical leader, the Children’s Ministry Director will recruit, equip, empower, and send leaders for ministry.

The Children’s Ministry Director will be responsible for the alignment of Children’s Ministry with the overall purpose, vision, values and strategies of Springhill Church. He/she will work with the Family Ministries team, as well as volunteers to ensure the following responsibilities occur within the ministry.


A. Aspirations

  1. He/she desires that children experience Christ and come to an age-appropriate experience of Christ’s love, acceptance, and grace.

  2. He/she desires that non-Christian children in the community are consistently reached for Christ.

  3. He/she desires that children are grounded in the basics of Scripture and are thus being transformed to stand for Jesus when they enter the student culture.

  4. He/she desires to create safe atmospheres and opportunities in which children feel loved and accepted.

  5. He/she desires that families experience the love and security of Christ at home.



Vision and Strategies

  1. To communicate the vision of Children’s Ministry to parents, school leaders, the congregation and community so all groups have an excited buy-in.

  2. To establish objectives, goals, and action plans for the Children’s Ministry in alignment with Family Ministries and the overall vision of Springhill Church.

  3. The Children’s Ministry Director will implement the following strategies to achieve the purpose of loving children and parents into a relationship with Christ.

    a. Worship

    1. 1)  To engage children in Family Ministry opportunities.

    2. 2)  To create worshipful activities for younger children that captivate boys and girls

      into a relationship with Christ.

    b. Equipping

    1. 1)  To develop Bible-training classes with relevance for all ages, from nursery through fifth grade.

    2. 2)  To engage older children in age-appropriate equipping/discipleship opportunities which are essential for developing spiritual growth and missional living (i.e., Biblical character, knowledge, and skill). The goal of these teaching opportunities is to produce maturing children who are ready to stand on their own in the upcoming student culture.

c. Outreach and Mission

  1. 1)  To engage non-Christian children and parents with the Gospel through quarterly outreach events each year including Vacation Bible School and holiday activities.

  2. 2)  To develop opportunities to engage children in missional activities including leadership of SPC Moms.

  3. 3)  To begin a process of discernment for an early childhood development ministry at Springhill.

  4. 4)  To partner with other like-minded Children’s Ministries to accomplish missional vision.

d. Care

1) To offer loving care to families who may struggle with difficult issues, usually referring them to care-giving resources.

Children’s Ministry Director Position Description Effective: February 23, 2021

C. Volunteers and Parents

  1. To recruit and equip volunteer leaders to guide the spiritual development of the ministry’s children.

  2. To shepherd the volunteer leaders so they themselves are growing like Christ with their own giftedness in God’s church.

  3. To work alongside Family Ministries and Springhill staff to develop training opportunities for parents and families.

  4. To execute communication processes for informing parents about the direction of Children’s Ministry and seeking routine feedback.

  1. Financial Management

    1. To develop and manage annual budgetary obligations for Children’s Ministry that align with the church’s mission, vision, and values.

    2. In the spirit of stewardship, manage fundraising and expenses within approved budgeted parameters and monitor spending at least monthly.

  2. Other Duties

    1. To nurture his/her own relationship with God.

    2. To work in a team environment with cooperative and healthy relationships, respecting

      other members’ giftedness and unique abilities.

    3. To assist with the communication of the overall vision and goals of the church.

    4. To continue personal development through available training opportunities.

    5. Other duties as assigned.

Profile. The person who is best suited for this position will exhibit the following:


  1. Adherence to the Christian faith, demonstrated in his/her regular spiritual walk.

  2. Bachelor’s Degree in education or a related field preferred, but not required.

  3. Have knowledge of children’s developmental stages of life in order to strategically

    choose and implement appropriate curriculum.

  4. Experience working with children in an educational setting is required.

  5. Loves to learn.

  6. Self-starter who can set and achieve goals.

  7. Empathetic, intuitive decision-making.

  8. Skills in organization, multi-tasking, problem-solving, task orientation (i.e., results-

    driven), and empowerment, combined with relational ability.

  9. Good team-building skills.

  10. Ability to work with a teachable heart, good attitude, flexibility and unity.

  11. Joyful sense of humor.

  12. Spiritual gifts of leadership and teaching are required.

    Review: Ministry will be reviewed on bi-annual basis.

    Children’s Ministry Director Position Description Effective: February 23, 2021


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